Meet Mary!

13 10 Mary Poni, Manna MIcrofinance South Sudan JubaMary is from Lologo village in Juba, South Sudan.  Her husband died when she was still young and so, following her tribe’s custom, Mary married her husband’s brother. Her new husband did not want to take care of Mary’s 5 children, having enough of his own and so she was left to bring them up alone.

For six years before hearing about Manna Microfinance (MM) Mary ran a stall at the village market selling: onions, tomatoes, groundnut paste and dry fishes.  She was a good business woman but found it difficult to keep up with others in the market and struggled to make enough money to provide food for her children.

One day Mary heard about Manna Microfinance from a friend at church.  She quickly joined an MM group and was delighted with the results.  After 8 weeks of attending group meetings, she learnt ways to develop her business and received a small loan of  SP200 (roughly £20).  With the extra money and training Mary was able to improve her business:

13 10 Mary Poni 2 business, Manna microfinance, South Sudan
Mary’s stall at Lologo market

‘’Manna staff taught me how to develop the business and earn extra income. ‘’

Mary has taken a total of three loans, each time increasing her business all the more, and she has made all her loan repayments.  With the money she earns from her business Mary no longer struggles to provide for her children.  She can buy food, send the children to school and save for the future.  She is doing so well that she is also able to look after her brother’s children.

”I thank God that Manna Microfinance came to me when I was desperate.”