The Jonglei Health Sciences Institute (JHSI), Bor

In March 2019 the ICMDA National Institute of Health Sciences (NHSI), Jonglei, Uganda was relocated to Bor in South Sudan after recent peace talks have seen tension ease. Just as the NHSI, this facility provides healthcare training to South Sudanese individuals as well as spiritual care and discipleship.

Previous NIHS students

Wonderfully, the first cohort of students enrolled to the JSHI in March 2019. This consisted of 35 students; 20 studying Clinical Medicine and Public Health and 15 studying Registered Midwifery.

You can read more about this transition here.

The First Cohort of Students at the Newly Opened Jonglei Health Sciences Institute (JHSI).
The first cohort of students at the JHSI in Bor, shortly after it opened.