The Trumpeters Keep On Trumpeting

As we all know, germs are everywhere and they are easily spread through most everyday activities.  In East African culture though, this understanding of how infection spreads is less ingrained than in Western societies.  Many health issues are simply caused by a lack of hygiene understanding which can be addressed by the sharing of knowledge […]

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A Closer Look At Kenya

Kenya is a stunning country known worldwide for its incredible national parks, savannah landscapes and ‘Big Five’ wildlife population. At first glance, the country seems to have emerged from economic instability into relative prosperity (GDP per capita has nearly doubled in the past decade).  However, poverty still affects millions of people’s lives due to immense […]

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Clothes and Cereals: Joyce’s Business Wisdom

Starting a business is one thing but being strategic about how to grow it is another challenge.  South Sudanese women who partner with Manna Microfinance receive enterprise training and share their experiences to help one other to progress. They all belong to small investment groups who receive loans together and support each other throughout the […]

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Preaching Light in the Darkness of Conflict

In five years of civil war in South Sudan, more than 50,000 people have died, more than 4 million have fled the country and hundreds of thousands of children are severely malnourished. Opposing leaders President Salva Kiir and Riek Machar held peace talks recently in Ethiopia but it remains to be seen what impact this […]

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The Uphill Struggle for Education

Five decades of war and upheaval in South Sudan have had an inevitable impact on education.  Almost three quarters of adults in the world’s newest country are unable to read and write. Raising school attendance would go a long way to addressing this but entirely preventable illnesses and diseases mean that this is challenging.  It […]

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Pfumvudza: Equipping Refugee Farmers

If farmed properly, South Sudan would produce enough food for itself and surrounding countries too.  But long-term conflict means that this has not been prioritised and most food is currently imported.  However, Life Gospel Ministries, led in Uganda by Thomas Lubari, is working alongside AID to change this. On arrival in Uganda, South Sudanese refugees […]

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Women: The Agents of Change in Juba

As so many men have joined the military due to the ongoing conflict, South Sudanese women are largely responsible for raising the next generation. The Trumpeter Community Health Project recognises the importance of ensuring that women are involved on all fronts when it comes to sanitation and hygiene.  This is why the Trumpeter volunteers work […]

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Latrines for Locals in Juba County

In South Sudan, two decades of sustained conflict and neglect have caused limited access to water and sanitation. This has contributed to poor health in communities.  Young children below the age of 5 years are the most vulnerable, along with pregnant women and the elderly.  A recent study conducted by UNICEF indicates that 15% of […]

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A Tale of Two Initiative-Takers

Manna Microfinance supports women in building their livelihoods so that they can provide for their families. The women run their businesses in groups which means that if one of them encounters problems, the others can rally around and provide support.  The programme is run by local staff who work with the women, delivering business training […]

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A Midwife for the Forgotten People of the Nuba Mountains

Catherine (name changed), a recent midwifery graduate from the National Institute of Health Sciences (NIHS), has joined a small number of health workers serving the isolated and war-torn community in the Nuba mountains in the south of Sudan. The region, cut off from media and humanitarian assistance, is thought to have 5 doctors, 2 hospitals and 1 […]

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