The History of AID, South Sudan and Manna Microfinance

Anglican International Development (AID) began operations in 2010, in solidarity with Anglican Christians throughout the world. Over the next few years, AID partnered with churches around the world in the fields of microfinance, healthcare training, community sanitation, church development in agriculture. The founders of AID hoped to bring help and hope, especially in regions where […]

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An Update From Anil and Shalini Cherian at the JHSI

There are now 1,693 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in South Sudan, with 27 deaths. A number of senior government figures have tested positive, the majority of whom are above the age of 65 and in the vulnerable category. This highlights the imbalance in the country’s leadership, with few young citizens finding a route into positions […]

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Stronger in Christ During Coronavirus: An Update from Philip

In partnership with Core Training and Development, AID sponsors two South Sudanese theology students, Philip and Seme, as they work towards their degrees at George Whitefield College (GWC). GWC are running online lectures like the majority of higher education institutions. In the main, Philip, Seme and the other students are staying in their accommodation and […]

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Covid-19: Prayer for Africa and South Sudan

With just 3,683 Covid-19 deaths (1% of the global total) across the whole continent of Africa as of 27 May, one could be forgiven for assuming that the pandemic is passing over this region of the world that is often thought of as the most vulnerable to sickness and disease. However, in the vast majority […]

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Trumpeter Community Health: Adapting During the Pandemic

Adjusting Routines In recent months, Trumpeter Community Health’s central message of hand washing with soap has been emphasised across the globe like never before. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, advocacy of good hygiene and sanitation practice has taken on profound significance, especially in the nation of South Sudan where healthcare capacity and the extent […]

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