Community Engagement with the Trumpeters

Participatory action research (PAR) is an approach which emphasises the importance of working with a community collaboratively to bring change when addressing issues or problems affecting the population. PAR is distinct from more traditional research methods in its definition of expertise, placing this firmly in the hands of the community members rather than external researchers. […]

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Microfinance Kenya: Meet Cyrus Murimi

The Kirinyaga Community Development Trust (KCDT) is a microfinance programme based in the central Kenya diocese of Kirinyaga. It currently supports approximately 1,200 members in financial management and setting up and maintaining businesses. AID is responsible for paying the salary of Denis Maina, the KCDT coordinator. Cyrus Murimi is chairman of one of the microfinance […]

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Trumpeters Training Update

The Trumpeter Community Health Project prioritises investment in the knowledge of the TCHP workers. There is a long way to go in developing the South Sudan healthcare system to be fully-functioning and in the meantime, the Trumpeters are bridging the gap and receive regular training to facilitate this. The Trumpeter Community Health workers’ roles are […]

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Manna Microfinance Staff: Felista

The resilience and passion of Manna Microfinance staff is amazing.  These women have worked extremely hard to grow and expand the project since it began in 2011, despite the recent tragic conflict that has claimed nearly 400,000 lives. Felista is one of the Manna Microfinance staff members and juggles her time between work and caring […]

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Kenedy Lucky: NIHS Healthcare Graduate

The below article is based on answers that Kenedy gave to some questions sent to him by AID staff. Kenedy Lucky grew up in Juba surrounded by civil war and during that time, was separated from his parents.  His siblings were taken to an orphanage school but after refusing to convert to Islam, he grew […]

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