AID would like to develop more links between churches in East Africa and churches in the UK.

When possible, in all of its projects, AID works with and through local churches. Churches in East Africa, and especially South Sudan, are well respected and have a wide reach into communities. There are about 200 churches in Juba alone (the capital of South Sudan), each with an average congregation of 200. In South Sudan church leaders were instrumental in bringing about the peace agreement which ended the Second Sudanese Civil War in 2005. However, whilst the Church is widespread it is also needy; most pastors have had no training.

Could your church partner with AID?

AID would love to hear from churches who would like to be involved with AID’s work. Whether it be strengthening pastors, improving healthcare, agriculture or microfinance, we are always looking for churches in the developed world that could support us in prayer, giving or going. If you think your church would be interested, contact

Church presentation?

Whether or not you are an official partner, we would also love to come and tell your church more about our work through a presentation.  Please contact Jack (see above) if this would be of interest.