South Sudan Confirms First Case of Covid-19 as Trumpeters Maintain Operations

Juba coronavirusPhoto – AFP

South Sudan Confirms First Case of Covid-19

A Voice of America News report from 8th April paints a picture of the challenges faced in South Sudan as the first confirmed case is announced:

‘…on the streets of Juba, social distancing is not an option for people struggling to earn a living:

“In fact it will be very difficult for my country South Sudan because here we are lacking a lot of things…we need to collect some water and market even, we are going to the market and there is a lot of crowd there…it will be very difficult for us.” – Tombe Elicana (motorcycle taxi driver)

…years of civil war in South Sudan, Africa’s youngest country, has left healthcare poor and underfunded. South Sudanese officials admit there are only a few ventilators for a population of 12 million.’

Trumpeter Community Health Vital in Response

Borehole repair
One key area of the Trumpeters’ work is repairing boreholes so that communities have consistent access to safe water.

Thanks to a donation from the Derek Moore Foundation, Trumpeter Community Health are about to distribute enough water purification tablets to 500 families in Gondokoro, a suburb of Juba with particularly low sanitation coverage, to last the entirety of the rainy season.

And with the first case reported in South Sudan from a United Nations worker who recently arrived from Ethiopia, the work of Trumpeter Community Health has never been more important.

The Trumpeters have adjusted their work in response to the coronavirus with more activities in the morning so as to ensure that they finish and return home in time for the curfew. They have suspended every part of their work which involves assembling large crowds such as public demonstrations and community campaigns and are just focusing on household visits.

Please pray for the Trumpeters as they continue to visit communities, many of which will be particularly vulnerable to Covid-19 with numerous pre-existing health conditions. It is thought that children may be more vulnerable than in high-income countries due to the high rate of malnutrition. Please pray that lives will be saved from the coronavirus as a result of the Trumpeters’ health messages.

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