Kenedy Lucky: NIHS Healthcare Graduate

kenedy graduating
Kenedy (left) graduating from the NIHS

The below article is based on answers that Kenedy gave to some questions sent to him by AID staff.

Kenedy Lucky grew up in Juba surrounded by civil war and during that time, was separated from his parents.  His siblings were taken to an orphanage school but after refusing to convert to Islam, he grew up and attended school at the Catholic Church of St Joseph’s in Juba.  Nowadays, he is married, still lives in Juba and has regained contact with his family – his siblings Alex and Grace are both in full-time education.

For Kenedy, it was a dream come true to study at the National Institute of Health Sciences (NIHS) in Kampala because until he was sponsored to enrol in 2014, he could not afford to train anywhere.  This brought some certainty in a very uncertain time of war and conflict.  He enjoyed access to qualified tutors, a variety of teaching methods, equipment including books, internet and a tablet and different clinical rotations.  However, frequent sad news of relatives’ deaths during the conflict made it difficult for Kenedy to fully immerse himself in his studies throughout his time at the NIHS and tragically, this was an experience that Kenedy shared with many of his course mates.

kenedy scrubs

Despite these challenges, Kenedy successfully graduated from the NIHS as a clinical officer and finished his compulsory internship in September 2018.  He is now working at the government-run Juba Teaching Hospital during the day and a small private out-patients clinic in Juba in the evenings.  This is necessary because he and his colleagues do not currently receive salaries at the government hospital so must source additional work to generate an income.

‘The situation is now good within Juba town, security is good – only high prices of commodities in the market, generally standard of living is high in Juba.  Just as I said before, I am re-establishing and restarting life again because I lost everything…with the little money I am getting, I am able to pay tuition for my siblings and life goes.’


Kenedy has already completed two of his ambitions for this year – to complete his internship and get married!  Next on his agenda is to find a better job so that he can have an income – one option could be to start his own clinic and pursue further studies to upgrade his qualifications.

Please pray for Kenedy as he continues to work to provide healthcare in a place that has, in recent years, been torn apart by war, famine and disease.  Pray that God would strengthen Kenedy to give everything over to Christ and that He would provide suitable employment.

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