Microfinance Profile: Rose and Stella

Here at AID, we like to post regular updates about some of our microfinance partners.  These are women who form groups, usually based in churches, and receive loans to start businesses.  The group provides encouragement, pastoral support and collateral for one another’s loans. 

Since September 2017, Manna Microfinance has supported 198 women with starting their businesses.  Two of these are Rose Larimck and Stella Charli:

Name: Rose Larimck

rose larimck

Microfinance Group: Genena

Business Type: General small shop

Number of Children: 3

Rose Larimck is one of Manna Microfinance’s longest-serving members – she joined in 2013 through the St RFPM Church in Juba.  Rose initially received a loan of 1,000 SSP to start a general stand kiosk and now has a monthly profit of 24,000 SSP.  She uses this to pay fees for her 3 children and provide food.

‘I am grateful that Manna Microfinance is now able to give us big loans for the members who are old in the institution.’

The current loan disbursement has concentrated on members who have partnered with Manna for a long time and whose businesses have the potential to grow further with larger loans.  It is a real joy for us to see businesses like Rose’s grow to the next level – she is now hoping to construct a building to house a permanent shop.


Name: Stella Charli

stella charli

Microfinance Group: New Life

Type of Business: Bakery

Number of Children: 5

In contrast to Rose, Stella Charli is one of the newest members to have joined Manna Microfinance.  She is a single mother of 5 children and joined Manna through St Monica Church in Juba.  With the help of a loan of 10,000 SSP, she started a bakery business in Juba which now makes 60,000 SSP profit per month.  Stella also uses this to take care of her children’s needs and just like Rose, is planning to extend her business in the future.  This will be possible through larger loans from Manna.

We thank God for our current 198 Manna Microfinance partners and pray that we will be able to provide loans for more and more women in the year to come!