The Uphill Struggle for Education

Five decades of war and upheaval in South Sudan have had an inevitable impact on education.  Almost three quarters of adults in the world’s newest country are unable to read and write.

Raising school attendance would go a long way to addressing this but entirely preventable illnesses and diseases mean that this is challenging.  It is an arduous task for the Trumpeters to visit each and every household, educating communities about the importance of sanitation and hygiene.  However, these visits can end with more children in school, as well as lives potentially saved.

In June alone, the Trumpeters have visited 480 households.  216 families have received training on how to treat water safely at home and 88 have been trained in washing hands with soap or ash.  And it’s not even July yet!  This would not be possible without the generous giving of our supporters so once again thank you to those who have made the Trumpeters’ efforts possible.  We hope you are encouraged by these life-saving outcomes.

Hellen Karijio, a 28 year old mother of 2, has benefited from a Trumpeters household visit:

‘We used to drink water without checking whether it was good for human consumption.  We would fetch water from the river and drink it directly or use it for household consumption.  That was before the Trumpeter Community Health Project came across our home – we have now had several trainings on water treatment.  One of the benefits is that we don’t have diarrhoeal diseases as frequently as we used to.  We can now appreciate not visiting the health centre because of diarrhoea, the children can now grow well without complication and the older children attend school regularly.’

Hellen Karijo with two Trumpeter volunteers

The Trumpeters envisage South Sudan as a country where all children are in school on a regular basis.  Through their work to eliminate avoidable illness, they have taken 480 small steps towards this in the last month alone.  Praise God for their continued faithful service and please pray that they would soon be able to expand their work by running sessions on hygiene and sanitation in local schools.