Hand-washing Helps Children Stay in School

Sanitation training in Juba South Sudan with children

You can’t help but say ‘aw’ at this photo as one little child learns to wash his hands with soap and others gather round, watching intently.

The Trumpeters see teaching children the value of good hygiene as key to improving the health of a community. Not only does it prevent children suffering from deadly diseases now but it also helps to create a culture of good hygiene going forward. To this end the Trumpeters have been running ‘hand-washing’ sessions for children in Juba as they come out of school.

“If children can learn to manage their own hygiene, then less children will be missing school due to diarrhoea or water borne diseases.” Tabitha Muthui (AID staff in East Africa)

Please pray for children to learn good hygiene practices and for the ongoing work of the Trumpeters.
The Trumpeters work in Juba, South Sudan, to train families in good hygiene practices and techniques such as how to clean water and the value of using a toilet. These simple techniques massively help to reduce outbreaks of diseases such as: cholera and diarrhoea, which can be deadly, especially for young children.