Anyone for a Cup of Tea?

Jane Onasumas grew up in Lui in South Western South Sudan. She and her husband were blessed with 10 children. However, tragically, her husband was killed during Sudan’s civil war between the North and South.

As the war became increasingly intense, Jane moved her family to Juba (South Sudan’s capital). She found a job as a midwife’s assistant and was well trained. Despite having no formal education she helped many women to deliver safely during childbirth.

Sadly when South Sudan became independent people like Jane, who had no formal training, were not considered qualified and so were scrapped from the pay roll. Jane was left with no way to provide for her children.

At this point she heard about Manna Microfinance through her church and formed a group with some other women called Mapimi Group.

“The church has been helpful to us mothers because our pastor encouraged us to join Manna Microfinance. The pastor signed for us the forms to join the Manna Microfinance.”

Manna microfinance Jane and her children AID Anglican International Development
Jane with some of her children

After receiving business training she was given her first loan of 1,000 South Sudanese pounds. She used this to start a small business selling tea to medical workers at the clinic where she used to work. This business has provided Jane with enough income to feed and educate her children. One of her sons was able to finish university and then emigrate to the United Kingdom through a student scholarship.

Please pray for Jane and her business. And please also pray that Manna Microfinance will be able to help many women like Jane out of poverty for the long term.