It was Bake or Break for Salva

Salva Munu is 35 and has 8 children between the ages of 2 and 16. Making enough to feed them all can be a challenge in her home city of Juba, South Sudan.

“I have a big family, I had to start to support my husband in providing for my family because all my children except the younger one were going to school.”

An enterprising woman, Salva started a bakery to create an income.

“I started with a smaller oven at home but the demand increased and there was need to increase in volumes.”

For a while Salva was unable to keep up with her customers. However, with the help of a loan from Manna Microfinance, Salva was able to build a bigger oven and expand her business. She can now afford to feed her children and send them all to school.

“Salva Munu is one of the most successful business women in Lologo 2, Juba. She believes in hard work and determination.” says Tabitha Muthui from AID.

Manna Microfinance helps women in South Sudan to start or develop businesses by providing loans and group training. For more information please visit this page.