Water Training for Women in South Sudan

Alongside their regular sanitation work, the Trumpeter Community Health (TCH) volunteers  have begun training 36 women in Juba, South Sudan in how to clean water for household use. Once trained, these women will not only be able to clean water for their own houses but also to teach other women to do the same. This is a great way to empower women to do something to improve their communities and means that the health message will travel more quickly and effectively as women are already rooted in their communities.

So far, the Trumpeters (as the TCH volunteers are known) have taken the women around various boreholes in Juba to see how fit they are for use and run a 1-day training course on how to clean water with resources easily found around the home. The women will go on to learn things such as: keeping water storage containers clean, maintaining and repairing water source points and raising awareness of water source points in the community.


The Trumpeters hope to see a reduction in the rates of cholera, diarrhoea and child mortality as a result of this training.

We are thankful to the Just Living foundation for a grant given to enable this project. Please pray for effectiveness and for improved health in Juba as a result.