‘AID has surely been with us in time of need’

“AID (Anglican International Development) has surely been here with us in time of  need.”




Through its commitment to carrying out development work in partnership with local churches AID has formed a close relationship with the Diocese of Juba in the Episcopal Church of South Sudan & Sudan. We see this as key to long-term change in countries and eternal change in hearts. Rev Martin Jackson, the Diocesan Secretary for Juba, recently sent us this message.

“When everyone is running away from South Sudan AID is moving closer to the people of South Sudan through the churches. AID has continued to support women in Juba in this horrible time, we have seen over 150 women benefiting  and over 1,000 people benefiting indirectly from Manna Microfinance during the past 6 months. AID has strongly supported the household hygiene and sanitation through Trumpeter Community Health, the community volunteers have been able to educate the families on high level hygiene practices. It’s been a difficult time but AID has stood with us.  AID has support the Trumpeter Community Volunteers who have Thank you for everyone who has put so much efforts to support South Sudanese through AID.”