New Hope for Cicilia’s Business

During South Sudan’s last civil war, Cicilia was one of many who trained as a nurse ‘on the job’ because of a severe lack of personnel. After several years of working in a military hospital and receiving some further informal training, she started working as a nurse in a health clinic in Juba. Because of her lack of formal qualifications, she received a very small salary and sometimes did not even receive this because of Governmental failings. As a result Cicilia often struggled to provide for her family of 5 children.

Cicilia heard about Manna Microfinance (MM) through her church.  She joined a group and, after getting business training and making some small savings, she received a loan.  She used this loan, and her knowledge gained through 20 years’ work in healthcare, to start a drug store business. This was going well until more conflict broke out in South Sudan in 2013. She struggled with the rapidly rising inflation rate and then, tragically, her business was looted during fighting in Juba in July 2016. This was devastating.

Wonderfully, Manna Microfinance was able to support Cicilia in this crisis, along with 49 other women whose businesses were also looted, by providing new loans. Cicilia starts this new year with great hope:

“The past three years have been difficult for me because the inflation rate has been going up every day, making it difficult to restock my drug shop. But this new year comes with so much hope because I have received a loan to restock my drug shop. I am hoping even as the inflation rates go up, because it is above our control, I will still be able to make profits.” 


Praise God for his provision through MM and pray for Cicilia and the other MM women as they seek to make a profit despite high inflation rates and an unstable situation in Juba, South Sudan.

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