Trumpeters Feed the Hungry

AID Trumpeter Community Health Volunteers give out food to needy in South Sudan Anglican International DevelopmentJust before Christmas the Trumpeter Community Health Volunteers (CVs) were able to help some of the most vulnerable in South Sudan by facilitating food distribution to 250 families in Juba.

Ongoing conflict and subsequent lack of farming have left an estimated 4.3 million people on the brink of famine across South Sudan.

Because of their experience working amongst families in Juba, the CVs were well-placed to help some of those most affected this Christmas. They were quickly able to assess which families were most in need as well as organise the buying and distributing of food. The volunteers bought flour, beans, oil and sugar with money donated by African Mission and gave it out to orphans, widows, the disabled, the elderly and people whose houses or businesses have been looted or burned in recent conflict.

Recipients of the food packages were overjoyed:


“It’s been very difficult for us to have daily food since the war, we are lacking food to feed our children and grandchildren. We can’t afford food here, that’s why we thank African Mission for giving us a Christmas gift through the food items received” Monica (left)


Children hungry in South sudan, Anglican International Development, Sanitation


“Thanks be to God, on Christmas my children will enjoy food and Christmas.”

“Today I know that African Mission and AID are taking care and supporting the people of South Sudan through Trumpeter Community Health, spiritual, healthily, socially and economically.”



Long-term Solutions to Hunger

We give thanks for the help the Trumpeters gave to some of the hungry in South Sudan before Christmas, but recognise that there is much more to be done. Please join us in praying for our plans to develop an agriculture project to help South Sudanese master farming skills and provide food for their families. Two people from AID will be travelling to Uganda later this month to investigate moving our agriculture programme forward.