Manna Microfinance Helps Single Mothers Send Children to School

Womens Microfinance group in South Sudan, Anglican International Development
Sarah with some of her MM group members

In the last year Manna Microfinance (MM) has helped 126 women who have been struggling to provide for their children.

One of those women is Sarah Benjamin Muse (right) who joined MM through her local church. After attending 8 weeks of business training and making some small savings she was able to receive a loan from MM. Sarah tells the story of what she did with the loan:

 “I wanted a loan to start a business like a shop or restaurant. When I was given 1,000ssp I started off a restaurant. Before starting, I had done my research well and found out that many traders in Hai Malakia didn’t have a place to take tea. Hence I embarked in starting off a tea restaurant.”

Sarah’s business was very successful, she goes on to talk about what she did with her profits:

“ [It] enabled me to take my children to school in good countries where they can find quality education. My son is in Egypt undertaking his Secondary Education, my daughter is in Uganda undertaking primary four and my other daughter is in Kenya undertaking primary six.”

 Sarah says that without MM none of this would have been possible.

“As a single mother of 3 children AID has proved to be my partner in life.  All I can say is ‘Thank you, thank you, thank You.’ ”   

 As well as helping to provide quality education, money made through MM is often used by women to buy food, clothing and health care. 

We thank God for the continuing success of the project and the good it is doing. We hope and pray that it may continue and that the conflict that is going on in South Sudan will not last long or harm the work being done. Please join us in praying that through the contact MM gives women to churches they might be clearly presented with the gospel and believe.