“Every day we worked hard for our country”

“When I heard gunshots throughout the night it reminded me of the old days when I was a child growing up in Yei.”

Nancy and Manna Microfinance ladies, Anglican International Development, South Sudan, development, AID,
Nancy with Manna Microfinance clients

Nancy (far right), a field worker for Manna Microfinance in Juba who grew up in war-torn Sudan, describes her devastation at the renewed fighting in Juba, South Sudan’s capital, in July 2016. This came just 5 years after South Sudan’s independence in 2011.

“New Sudan gave us hope for the younger generation. It gave us a second chance and our children a better future.”

Nancy Manna MIcrofinance AID, South Sudan, International Development, Anglican International DevelopmentSince independence, Nancy has been striving to make South Sudan a better place for her children than it was for her.

“I was one of the lucky girls to be selected (to work for Manna Microfinance). Every day we worked hard for our country.”

Besides helping women to develop and start sustainable businesses through Manna Microfinance, Nancy enrolled at the Catholic University in Juba and is in her second year of studies. Then new fighting broke out inside South Sudan in 2013, and escalated in July 2016.

“I felt this time was worse than those days. I felt sad in my heart that my daughter will grow up again in a war torn country like I did, and she will never get to enjoy the right to a good shelter, quality education and health care. Once again the fear comes in so deep in me, that my daughter will lack food like we did in our days.  The fear that I will not be able to finish school if the fighting continues. The thoughts of our country been torn apart by our leaders hurts us every day.”

Although challenged, Nancy remains strong in the Lord and in hoping he will bring about peace for South Sudan.

“Even with everything happening around us, we thank God every day. We pray that God will give this country a leader who will advocate for peace.”


Please join with Nancy in praying for a godly leader for South Sudan, who can transform the nation into one of peace.

Pray for God to work powerfully in this nation.

Thank God for the provision and success of Manna Microfinance and pray that he will provide all that is needed for the staff and beneficiaries.