Turning the Tide

Mohammad (pictured right) a Trumpeter Community Health Volunteer has ‘moved beyond expectations’ in his commitment to transforming sanitation in Juba, according to Tabitha Muthui, AID’s communication and fundraising manager in South Sudan.

“I have taken it upon myself every evening to come to the river and talk to people who are planning to dump dirty materials. As a volunteer in the community some will hear me some will refuse and still dump” Mohammed said.

Mohammad is concerned about the effect such dumping will have on his community: “Everyone in Juba wants to come and dump dirty materials at the river side. [This will] contaminate the water that the community is using.” The river’s water is used for washing, cooking and drinking and this contamination leads to the spread of diseases, such as cholera, and contributes to South Sudan’s high child mortality rate (1 in 7 die before the age of 5).

Praise God for Mohammad’s commitment, diligence and persuasive nature. Pray for him and the rest of the Trumpeter Community Health Project to continue to transform their communities for the glory of God.


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