First week at George Whitfield College

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After a busy first week at George Whitfield College (GWC), John Jal Deng spoke briefly to Darien Khlentos (from CORE Training and Development) about life at GWC and returning to full time study.

“I think the college is good, it has a good environment that is conducive to study and the people are very kind. I have received a warm welcome… I feel I am really with the people of God and I appreciate that”

John has faced some initial challenges,

“Wherever you go, whenever you are in a new place there are some difficulties you encounter… there is nothing hard but certain areas I would like to catch up on such as technology as it looks like everything is computerised.”

But overall John is enjoying the chance to further and deepen his theological studies. The focus this week has been mainly on New Testament Greek.

“ I believe that it is a great privilege and opportunity to come to George Whitefield College, and I would like to give thanks to those who made it possible for me to come and study at the college, I am very happy with that”

John has come to South Africa from Bishop Gwynne College (BGC) in Juba, South Sudan, as part of a project to strengthen BGC by training faculty members there. Over the next year John will be working towards a Bachelor of Theology degree, partly funded by AID with CORE Training & Development, before returning to BGC to work on the teaching faculty. John already has a diploma in Theology and is keen to develop his skills further so that he can train others in theology and prepare them to be pastors, ministering to congregations across South Sudan. AID and CORE hope to be able to send someone like John, from BGC to GWC each year to gradually build up and strengthen BGC so that it is self-sustaining in the long term.

Please pray for John as he continues his studies.

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John Jal and Darien Khlentzos (from Core Training and Development) at “Surfer’s Corner” at Muizenberg, not far from the college. It was a great moment when John saw the ocean for the first time..
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Darien took John on a guided tour of some of the most beautiful spots in Cape Town. This shot is taken from Chapman’s Peak drive – a stunning place where sheer cliffs drop down hundreds of feet before meeting the ocean. They also drove into see Cape Town’s iconic Table Mountain.