“We can’t see man, but we do not want to miss seeing Jesus”

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Inspirational words from Dominic Wani, a member of the Bible Ministry Fellowship, at a recent training event for the blind and visually impaired led by Rev. Malis Basha in Juba.  The Bible Ministry Fellowship (BMF) exists to connect blind and visually impaired people, to spread the gospel of hope in that community and to enable bible study and fellowship.

 The week long event was held to equip around 15 leaders from BMF to reach out to others, and covered the areas of Leadership, Discipleship and Preaching. This included looking at building good relationships among members, solving problems using Biblical principles, following up new believers, showing love and giving guidance on Christian living. There was also the opportunity to look more deeply at understanding and preaching the word.

“The training was to train the blind to reach out to the blind, it is a segment of the community that does not get reached easily because of problems with reading materials.”

Tabitha Muthui, AID communications worker in South Sudan

South Sudan has some of the highest blindness rates in the world, as more than 20 years of conflict have created conditions where endemic diseases are rife. The leading causes of blindness: trachoma, cataracts and onchocerciasis (river blindness) are all preventable, but poor sanitation and lack of access to health care has meant thousands of South Sudanese citizens are now blind or visually impaired.

As well as tackling the root causes, support is needed for those already living with visual disability. In communities where life for most is already a struggle, a blind person can easily feel a burden and many report feeling isolated and depressed. Services for the blind are virtually non-existent outside the capital, Juba; here however there is an eye clinic and the Buluk School for the Blind. Roda Altanasia is a teacher from this school who attended the training event. 

training, malis basha, AID, south sudan blind, visually impaired,

“We come from different denominations but we are connected together by our situation, we encourage each other and we believe God is going to use us. We thank God for the training.”

Roda Altanasia


Please pray for Roda, Dominic and all who attended the training that they would be enabled to reach out with the gospel of hope in their communities. Pray for Rev. Malis Basha as he continues his work strengthening pastors and leaders in the church in South Sudan.