Off to Theological College!

Pastor Training South Sudan AIDThis January brings a new challenge for John Jal Deng, an Assistant Librarian at Bishop Gwynne College (BGC) in Juba, South Sudan. He will soon leave his post to fly to South Africa and begin an intensive theology course at George Whitfield College. There were some last minute hitches … but with the help of an MAF plane bringing  the required  yellow fever vaccination to Juba, he should soon be on his way!


George Whitefield College South Sudan AID
Bishop Gwynne College, established in the early 1900’s

John is travelling to South Africa as part of this project, strengthening Bishop Gwynne College in South Sudan. Over the next year John will be working towards a Bachelor of Theology degree, partly funded by AID with CORE Training & Development, before returning to BGC to teach on the staff. John already has a diploma in Theology and is keen to develop his skills further so that he can train others in theology and prepare them to be pastors, ministering to congregations across South Sudan. AID and CORE hope to be able to send someone like John, from BGC to GWC each year to gradually build up and strengthen BGC so that it is self-sustaining in the long term.


Please pray for John as he begins the new term: that he would grow in faith and the knowledge of God, that he would develop spiritual insight as well as teaching skills so that when he returns to South Sudan he is able train others to a high standard.  Pray that Bishop Gwynne College would continue to strengthen the Church in South Sudan.