Give New Life in South Sudan

Christmas support South Sudan, Anglican International Development, healthcareIt is deep winter, dark and cold. You are heavily pregnant, about to go into labour, but there is nowhere to rest. You walk and walk but no one will take you in. There is no shelter, no midwife and no way to relieve your pain. Eventually you can go no further. You settle down in a shack with the cows -what will happen to you?


This may sound like a story 2,000 years old, but it is the reality for many women in South Sudan today: almost 1 in 20 die in childbirth, compared with 1 in 6,900 in the UK. This is because they cannot get to a health facility or if they do, there is no one there who is qualified to help them deliver their babies safely. Anglican International Development is working with the International Christian Medical & Dental Association to train clinical officers, nurses & midwives for South Sudan, to transform this situation. 70 students are currently studying at the National Institute of Health Sciences

Health Training South Sudan
Gai is a second year student Nurse

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“It is teaching us spiritually and teaching us medically. I hope we are going to give back to the citizens of South Sudan all that we are getting. You may not realise but it will help South Sudan so much.” – Gai (picture above) To hear more from Gai watch this video on the project: click here.