Ministers Arrive in Juba to Bolster College

2015 09 Lecturers arrive in Juba to teach at pastor training college, South Sudan
Professor David Seccombe with Samuel Marial, head of Bishop Gwynne College, and Rev Paul Sampson, preparing to teach at BGC for a few weeks.

Stand-in theology lecturers are arriving in Juba, from Australia and South Africa, this month to begin a partnership with CORE Training and Development, Bishop Gwynne College (BGC) Juba and AID, to bolster pastor training in South Sudan.

The programme will train the faculty at BGC, a Theological College in Juba, most of whom have themselves only had a basic education. The Sudanese lecturers will travel to George Whitfield College (GWC) in South Africa to study a Masters in theology, and return better equipped to train up pastors for South Sudan. Two faculty members are currently preparing for this trip to South Africa and so have been released from teaching duties at BGC for the September-December term. To make up for this loss of teaching staff, faculty and graduates from theological colleges in South Africa (GWC) and Australia (Moore College, Sydney) will travel to South Sudan to work at BGC for a few weeks at a time.

Please pray for the South Sudanese faculty preparing to go to South Africa and the volunteers already committed to teaching at BGC. They are: Prof. David Seccombe (Principal of GWC 1993 – 2012), Rev. Paul Sampson (CMS Missionary based in Nairobi lecturing at Carlisle College), Bekele Deboch Anshiso (PhD student at GWC from Ethiopia), Jan Vat (Former lecturer at GWC, now with SIM in South Africa), John Child (current faculty at GWC), Dr David Misztal (minister at a Sydney Anglican Church)

‘On the job’ training

Students at Bishop Gwynne Theological College in Juba, South Sudan, pastor training
Students at Bishop Gwynne College, South Sudan.

The programme will also carry out ‘on the job’ training for pastors in the field across South Sudan. This will begin in December when a training course called “The Whole Counsel of God” will be run for pastors and elders in Torit Diocese in South Sudan. This course covers a range of important doctrinal topics, a biblical overview of Salvation History and topics specifically tailored for the Church in Africa


We thank God for Bishop Gwynne College’s long-standing history in South Sudan and pray that this project will greatly strengthen the country’s Church. Please pray that this project would equip pastors and lecturers to better understand and teach the Bible and greatly deepen the faith of the nation. The hope is that Bishop Gwynne College will become self-sustaining in 10-12 years.