Four more can complete their training!

Midwife students at the ICMDA NIHS South Sudan training to be midwives
Midwife students at the ICMDA NIHS

In South Sudan, a 15 year old girl is more likely to die during childbirth than to complete her education. 1 in 7 children die before they are 5.

The poor healthcare situation in South Sudan is largely due to a lack of trained health workers. The ICMDA (International Christian Medical and Dental Association) and AID have been working to transform this situation by developing the ICMDA National Institute of Health Sciences (NIHS), a training centre for health workers for South Sudan. There are currently 51 students at the NIHS training to be clinical officers, nurses and midwives; once qualified, they will go and work in hospitals and primary health care centres across the country. We are thrilled that:

Over £50,000 has already been raised this summer for the ICMDA NIHS. Enough for 4 students to complete their training. Here’s how! 

Match funding – TARGET HIT!

One generous donor agreed to match pound-for-pound all donations from individuals to the NIHS by 30 June, up to £25,000 – and we did it! Thanks to your generous giving, we were able to utilise every penny of the £25,000. Thank you for giving at such a valuable time when your gifts went twice as far. The total £50,000 raised is enough to help 4 students like Arach to complete their training.

Clinical Officer South Sudan AID



“I would like to go and serve my people of South Sudan, so that, if God wills, we shall not see many people dying, because of lacking people.” Your donations support students such as Arach who is training to be a clinical officer





Global Giving – TARGET HIT!

Staff and students at the ICMDA NIHS
Staff and students at the ICMDA NIHS

From 8 June – 13 July, AID took on a challenge from Global Giving to raise at least £2,500 from at least 50 donors for the NIHS. The prize for completing the challenge was to become a Global Giving partner, earning a permanent place on their website, as well as access to training, volunteers, match funding campaigns and more. And ONCE AGAIN, thanks to all of you supporters, we were successful! So thank you for giving to this campaign which will serve strengthen AID in the long-term and enable us to be more effective in our work in South Sudan.

Not There Yet

Clinical officer training healthcare South Sudan
“I feel that it is very important that even us ladies are trained so that we can provide healthcare services to our people back at home.” With your help we can enable Rebecca to become the first female clinical officer in South Sudan.  She is already top of her class!

Whilst £50,000 is a phenomenal amount we still need to keep raising funds for this invaluable project. It costs around £6,250 for one student to complete one year of training; this covers staff salaries, hiring lecture halls, food, accommodation, stationary, textbooks, internet access as well as access to labs and libraries and more. Each student studies for 3 years before qualifying and they all have two to go. This means that AID needs to raise another £400,000 for all 51 to complete their training. Thanks to this superb summer of fundraising, the target is now more like £350,000. So progress has been made but there is still a way to go. We would appreciate your prayers and support as we try to fund the rest of the training.


If you would like to help to transform health care in South Sudan, here are a few ways that you can get involved!

One off donation: To give a one off donation please click here or email

Could you get your church or medical group to support one student through their training? This would be £6,250 for one year and £12,500 for two!

Regular giver: Regular donors are so valuable to us to ensure the stability of our work. If you could give in this way please fill out a standing order form here or email

  • £10 a month could pay for a student’s gas, electricity and water bills each month
  • £20 a month could cover a student’s books and stationary costs each month
  • £60 a month could pay for a student’s training cost a month (including hire of facilities, use of labs and libraries and assessment costs)

Run an event or a sporting feat! We would not have had such a successful summer had it not been for some of our fantastic supporters who ran fundraising events or sporting activities. If you could run a breakfast morning, clothes swap, climb a mountain or scale a wall for this project please email Here are some examples of things you could do from our champion fundraisers this summer:

AID fundraising trip to the Farne Islands

A breakfast fundraiser with silent auction was organised by volunteers on 11 July.  Hannah was particularly good at sweet talking people into donating items and experiences to the silent auction. The event raised £871.

A cruise of the Farne Islands organised by Alison raised around £400 for health workers in South Sudan.

Tomas, a supporter from Northern Ireland cycled the Vatternrundan, a 300km ride around a Swedish lake, in 14 hours and 22 minutes – raising around £400.

In October, a group of AID staff and supporters will be running the Kielder 10k to raise money for AID. If you could join us please email or to sponsor please click here.


‘The message I can send to some of my brothers and sisters in the UK is they have to put us in prayers, because, without God, we’ll not proceed.” Lillian is training to be a midwife at the NIHS.

Spread the word: Tell your church, your friends, your family and anyone who will listen about this project – share this page on social media or if you would like paper literature to distribute please contact

Pray: Please do pray for staff and students at the NIHS. Following a recent Skype conversation with Dr Anil Cherian, the Director of the Institute, and 6 students they asked for particular prayer for:

  • Their spiritual health, that they would grow in love of the Lord Jesus and become more like him, ready to serve him as health workers in South Sudan.
  • The political situation in South Sudan, which is unstable and causing immense suffering.
  • Protection on their families at home, and the strength for the students when they hear news from home; pray that this would not affect their studies.
  • That they would learn well
  • For strength and health for their teachers who have a busy schedule.