Floods Can’t Stop the Lord!

Despite a 3km long flood on the road between Kampala and South Sudan, Rev Malis Basha made it safetly back from the Pastors and Ministers Prayer Network Conference, full of enthusiasm for his ministry ahead.

The conference gathered ministers from 5 African countries; South Sudan, Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda and Nigeria to help them to bring transformation to their communities through faithful preaching of Jesus’s message to ”repent and believe.”  A key verse from the weekend was:

From that time Jesus began to preach, saying “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.” (Matthew4:17)

20141120_114843Pastors were challenged to think about the ways in which Christianity was being made to fit in with traditional African cultures, and the way in which it should be the message of the gospel which in fact transforms those communities and traditions.

Malis has returned with a strong plan for transforming the culture in his area of Juba, through faithful teaching and application, rather than letting the culture weaken the message. A second arm of teaching helped pastors to be work to prevent the spread of militant Islam from the Southern Sahara region.

We thank God for this confence. Please keep praying for Malis and his work, for protection of God’s people from the threat of Islam.  Please donate to this work here.