Northern Rock for South Sudan

The Dusk Run perform at Anglican International's Fundraising Gig for South SudanIn response to a cry for help from Sudanese Bishops, Anglican International Development (AID) held a gig on the 21st November, to raise funds and awareness of the dire humanitarian situation in the country. Over the last year in South Sudan, hundreds of thousands have been displaced, many have lost loved ones and the country saw a near famine. The bishops have formed a group which seeks to bring national peace, a strong government and provision for the hungry, homeless and sick, through their Christian faith. Click here to read about the Bishop’s group.

AID carries out long-term development projects in South Sudan, and is also concerned for the thousands suffering now because of food, medical and health shortages. The gig was held to answer this immediate need. Four bands entertained a crowded room in one of Newcastle upon Tyne’s edgy Ousburn pubs; the Cumberland Arms. Headliners; the Dusk Run, provided the perfect accompaniment to night with songs filled with faith in the hope of Christ and the good to come.

£250 was raised and we hope and pray that Christians in South Sudan will be encouraged by this gift and our prayers for them.