Phones Received!!

Mobile Phone distribution, sanitation, Juba

A big THANK YOU to everyone who has donated mobile phones to our community sanitation volunteers in Juba, South Sudan. Our Executive Officer, John Inglis-Jones, was able to deliver the phones this week and they were very gratefully received.  Local manager Remijo, who received the phones along with volunteers Asunta and Goodwill, said, “These will really help us with our work by letting us stay in touch with each other  as well as church pastors and the leaders of the communities in which we are working.’’

Our sanitation volunteers provide a vital link between communities and improved health, in Juba, and these mobile phones will greatly aid them in their work.  In South Sudan, the most common killers of children are diseases such as pneumonia and diarrhoea, which can be prevented with simple improvements to sanitation such as hand-washing with soap after going to the toilet or before preparing food and using latrines instead of defecating in the open.  Volunteers are trained in the dangers of poor sanitation and in ways to improve health within communities by promoting cleanliness.  They then work with their communities to pass on this knowledge and encourage the use of improved sanitation practices.  Having a mobile phone will enable volunteers to communicate with each other, with their communities and also with the Project Manager, Remijo Lino.

For more information about the project please visit this page.