From Rotterdam to South Sudan…

ICMDA 2014 South Sudan Healthcare NIHS, seminar AID have just returned from the ICMDA 2014 (International Christian Medical and Dental Association) World Congress in Rotterdam, where 700 Christian medics from 67 countries all over the world came together to study God’s word. Doctors and dentists from Taiwan to Peru, from Wales to Azerbaijan, from Nigeria to Mexico were encouraged to serve their communities, patients and colleagues, share the love and good news of Christ and shine like stars in a dark and suffering world. We were extremely encouraged by being there ourselves.

Whilst there, we talked to so many people about the terrible healthcare situation in South Sudan (less than 50% of the population has access to healthcare within 5km) and how the ICMDA National Institute of Health Sciences (NIHS) is working to change this. The NIHS opened in June 2014, and is currently training 51 South Sudanese students to become clinical officers, nurses and midwives (visit our NIHS project page for more information). We particularly enjoyed seeing and catching up with Dr Alex Bolex Abuk from South Sudan and Dr Anil Cherian, who is running the NIHS.  They spoke at two very interesting and helpful seminars about this project which around 100 people attended in total (above right).

ICMDA 2014 healthcare South Sudan, Anil Cherian
AID’s Executive officer John Inglis-Jones and Dr Anil Cherian deliver a presentation to the ICMDA 2014 congress.

Another highlight for AID was meeting many medics who were really enthusiastic about helping to improve healthcare in extremely needy places such as South Sudan. Many have expressed an interest in supporting the ICMDA NIHS with their teaching resources, money and time. One way in which doctors can get involved with this project is by going out to the NIHS (currently in Kampala, Uganda) for a month or two, to supplement the ICMDA’s teaching delivered by Dr Anil, his wife Dr Shalini Cherian and 3 local faculty members. Dr Anil is particularly keen that the students are exposed to a wide range of cultures and medical practices.

If you would like to discuss the opportunity of spending 1-2 months in training students, or if you would like to support the NIHS in some other way, please get in contact with us!

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