First Female Clinical Officer

14 07 NIHIS Student-clinical officer-Rebecca -goodRebekah is the first female in South Sudan to study to become a clinical officer!

 ‘’I’m very grateful to them for supporting us and also they should be praying for us so that we are able to do well. ‘’

Rebekah is 21 years old and longs to improve healthcare in her country. She is the eldest child in a family of 3 sisters and 1 brother, and comes from Eastern Equatorial State in South Sudan.


By the end of the course she hopes that: ’’I will be able to experience and get a lot of things so that I can provide the best healthcare service that I can to the community and the whole of South Sudan.’’


She thinks it is important that attitudes towards women’s education are transformed in South Sudan, so that parents see that it is vital to send their daughters to school as well as their sons.


To all who have supported this project she says:



‘’ I feel so blessed to be among the first to be trained in the field. I feel that it is very important that even us ladies are trained so that we can provide healthcare services to our people back at home. ‘’