Total Sanitation Gains Community Support

Toilet blog post

AID’s Total Sanitation Project is off to an encouraging start following a meeting between AID staff, community members and leaders and pastors in Lologo district, Juba.

Pneumonia, diarrhea and malaria are commonplace across South Sudan and hold particular dangers for children, as their immune systems are not yet strong enough to fight the diseases: 1 in 7 children will die before their 5th birthday. This situation is largely due to poor sanitation practices such as defecating in the open or lack of hand washing.

This week around 200 people gathered with AID to discuss the importance and the means of improving sanitation in Juba.

‘’The Chairman of quarter council said that they are ready to cooperate with Anglican International Development (AID) because it is a Church organization and Church organizations always tell people the truth.‘’ Report from Louis, AID Project manager.

From here AID project manager, Remijo Lado will talk further with community groups to grasp better their current sanitation practices and understanding, before selecting volunteers who will be trained to work with communities and help them implement better sanitation techniques.

Total Sanitation seeks to listen to communities and enables them to rebuild their country after the turbulence of civil war.