New troubles hit South Sudan

We have been saddened to hear the news of the recent troubles and unrest in some areas of South Sudan.  Although starting as a political problem between leaders of the SPLM, church leaders in the country are concerned that it may turn into an ethinic and tribal problem.

Our project team in Juba are all well and have reported that things in Juba have settled down and become calm again but please pray for the situation in Bor (Jonglei) as this remains troubled.

The church leaders in South Sudan could have a critical role at this time and, to this end, have offered their services to assist with reconciliation, mediation and peaceful negotiation – so let’s seriously pray that their voice will be heard and that the factions pushing the unrest will be quelled.

Church leader’s statement – 17th December 2013

As we celebrate this Christmastime, please remember South Sudan in your prayers.

Quote from the Church leader’s statement…

“We are in the season leading up to Christmas. This year’s Christmas may not be what we expected, but it is what we have been given and we must accept it as it is. As we celebrate the birth of the Christ-child, let us remember that God is with us, and pray for the strength and courage to bring peace, reconciliation and healing to our new nation.”