Ready to take on challenges just to see the smiles……

It has been a great journey for Manna Microfinance all these months to work with a lot of different South Sudanese women who are very active and enterprising. It is also a challenge on the other hand for us to meet the demand that is out there in the market. We have been raising funds to help these women and we have been successful all this while which has enabled us to see the real joy in their faces. I should say that they are very prompt in repaying the loan and getting ready to take a higher loan to expand their business. Well, you can see their hunger for growth ! !

Happy microfinance clientWe are now at the stage of reaching out to more people and expand geographically, willing to move to rural packets of Juba and also to other counties which is going to be a huge challenge in terms of funding and logistics. But the impact of reaching out to them is going to be enormous and we will dare to take that step forward, hoping in God that he will certainly give us what we need.

It is really fascinating to see the real joy in their faces and being part of Manna you don’t need anything more than that.